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The Alum Crystal Deodorant

Had such an amazing time in Morocco last week, touring the city of Marrakesh and Essaouira; what a wonderful and hospitable country it is!

One of the activities I naturally enjoyed doing the most was shopping in Jemaa el Fna square; if you love to get yourself a bargain on many items (beauty, ornaments, accessories, jewellery to clothes) this is the place to be!

From visiting stand-to-stand, I have come across many ‘lotions and potions’ stands which intrigued me the most. I wanted to know what the native Moroccans use to beautify themselves; are they commercial products or secret natural goodness? What a typical product is and what they use in the heat to maintain perspiration.

From these stands and shops, I have acknowledged the popularity of Moroccan Argon oil, different types of mint teas, Rhassoul clay masks, rose water and Hamam pamper packs (each of which I have managed to purchase except for the masks) …and the Alum stones. Morocco is certainly known for natural organic herbal beauty; this is what greatly interests me.

With the interest of the natural Alum Crystal, I had to pick one up as I was shown demonstrations. In the past, during research, I have come across this natural earthly goodness but turned a blind eye and did not show much interest – I don’t know why!

Check this out:

100% Natural Alum Crystal

The Natural Alum Crystal is used as an astringent and basic antiperspirant

This is the natural alum crystal or potassium alum which is a natural mineral found in earth and mined for many years. Popularly used as deodorant in the Far and Middle East. The Alum crystal contains many virtues due to its antibacterial and natural properties. It acts as a basic antiperspirant/deodorant (for your armpits and even feet!), astringent and styptic to prevent bleeding and closes pores. What’s more, you’re preventing yourself from using synthetic products on your skin and welcoming natural remedies.

From growing up, using deodorant/antiperspirants has become an automatic hygiene regime and I strongly feel the West is quick to pick up these ‘man-made’ synthesised products without acknowledging the harmful effects on the body and environment. But hey, we all live a modern life-style so we need something readily available quick and easy.

This Alum stone is considered safe for the family, especially to those who suffer heavy perspiration because it does not block pores and allows your body to perspire as usual.

How to use the Alum stone as deodorant:

  1. Wet the stone, leave it to damp;
  2. Apply a thin layer on the areas you wish to sweat less, this could be your foot or arm pits;
  3. Damp your stone again to keep it clean and leave it on a soap dish to reside;

Upon using it myself, I straight away felt dryness and smoothness which felt great. It is odorless and though the stone looks sharp, it does not feel rough on the skin as overtime it evens out. With its natural and economical value, I foresee this stone to last me at least 2 years (subject to size of stone purchased and the amount of usage). I strongly recommend my dolls to ditch the deodorants/antiperspirants and welcome natural products to your skin, as your skin is the biggest organ which we must take care of. Whatever you introduce to your skin it will always absorb into your bloodstreams hence why pregnant women are extra vigilant what they feed into their skin!

The Alum Stone is readily available in Morocco to purchase. Alternatively from the comfort of your home you can purchase from the following sites:

  1. Alum stone
  2. Amazon
  3. The Executive Shaving Company
  4. Functional Cosmetics Company

Do let me know if you are using/used the natural alum stone and your feedback on this.

With Love,

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