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In recent times, teeth whitening has taken a huge interest in the beauty world (after contouring), albeit being around since the ancient times. Ancient Romans particularly had an interest in teeth whitening (why doesn’t it surprise me?!) and would use urine and goat milk in an attempt to maintain white teeth – extreme levels or what!? Phewww, we don’t have to do that anymore!

During my travels to Bangladesh earlier this year (March 2016) I have noticed how highly commercialised and readily available beautifying ones teeth has become; available in big towns, larger districts and of course highly skilled dentists available in Dhaka.

In London, we have Groupon/Wowcher promotions with Teeth Whitening deals being drilled to our inboxes, which I know some of you have either tried or thinking about getting.

Mind you, I have tried a “Wowcher” deal on teeth whitening before and it was not the best service, especially if you are a first timer! What you pay for is what you get!

We all crave for a beautiful pearly smile, personally for me, my teeth are highly important and I do take good care of them – it crowns our smile 😀

If you’re a bride to be, hopefully this post will give you an insight of what you’re looking for!

The treatment details:

  • Clinic Name: Harley Teeth Whitening
  • Name of Treatment: Pro-Advanced White (Recommended best option on most 1st treatments)
  • Price – please enquire directly

Before your appointment:

I recommend brushing your teeth at least 40min/1hr before your appointment.

The Process:

Consultation: I had undergone a free Professional Consultation on my teeth. They assessed to find out habits (Smoker/Coffee drinker) and if I am suitable for the treatment. I enjoyed this part as you learnt a few facts about your teeth and service levels were great and very professional.

If you’re a first-timer, service and quality of care during treatment does matter a lot; Harley Dental clinic satisfied the excellent services.

During the assessment period, the dentist had a look at my teeth to find the current colour I was on via the Teeth Shade Sampler (below) then compared to the likely colour of teeth shade I will be on post treatment.


Purple: Rough current shade | Pink: New shade

Getting Ready: Relax yourself on the Dental Chair, UV red coloured goggle placed over your eyes to protect from rays of the laser. A teeth guard is placed in the mouth to keep mouth wide open (in a comfortable way) while the dentist uses a Dental Suction to take away the excess saliva.


A protecting gel is applied to the gums and petroleum jelly on the lips then teeth are coated with a “specially formed hydrogen peroxide solution” – this is the teeth cleaner.

image1 (1)

Once the gum and teeth preparation have been complete, a high energy Blue Spectrum LED light is distributed to the teeth.

I’ve had three of the 20-30mins cycles, whereby each phase the dentist checks on progress, adjusts comforts or adds more whitening agent to the teeth.

In total, the treatment had lasted me 70mins, pain free (for me); however after effects may vary  person-to-person and will be discussed during initial consultation.

Completion stage: Goggles are off, the world looks brighter (after dimming your visibility for over an hour :p ). The dentist provides you with a solution and water to wash your mouth out with.

When the mirror is provided to look at your teeth, you are in awe to see your teeth up in whiteness levels, the result is instant!

The dentist shows you the Teeth Shade Sampler again to see what colour you originally were, what they predict you’d be on (based from the consultation) and what it actually turns out to be. So, the colour the dentist predicted I would be on was correct, their expert “predictions” are always correct due to experiences with working on different clients with different habits.


Teeth Whitening clinics will advise you:

  • Don’t Smoke;
  • Drink less Coffee (preferably from a straw);
  • Adjust Diet to include white foods i.e. pasta, rice, apples, cauliflower etc…
  • Please use Normal Toothpaste (I know! Normal is fine, don’t bother with whitening toothpaste)!
  • Harley Dental Clinic also provided an aftercare helpful guide;

Try avoiding coloured foods for 48hrs as the pores in the teeth are open, so why pay so much money and give in to coffee (I am guilty, I had to drink tea right away, but drank out of a straw!).

My feedback:

During consultation, when the dentist shows you the Teeth Shade Sampler and tells you what shade you are currently on – usually this is not 100% accurate (they tell you this themselves) only because everyone’s teeth shade varies across the spectrum; especially of your lifestyle.

 Verdict: It was a full smile treatment, which means that the laser treatment will try reaching as far back as well as front. I loved the high quality of service and care shown by the staff of Harley Dental Clinic; when something involves your health even cosmetically you always would want the best. The dentist ensured the treatment was followed with precise specialist process and ensured I loved the final results.

Was I satisfied with my treatment – Yes. I am always on social media, so when I run a cheesy smile, I know I have my pearly whites gleaming through the filters 😉 Not only photography which looked great (perfect for brides) but also in reality had many compliments. It has been a month since my treatment, I drink tea twice a day and the colour has not died down; which is excellent. But of course, if you want to maintain a white smile you also need to be somewhat watchful on your food intake.

Was it painful? The laser treatment itself is not painful (unless you have sensitive teeth, please consult with dental practise before undergoing any whitening treatments). After the treatment however, my teeth became a little sensitive and was throbbing throughout the night; it was not an unbearable pain, but you may suffer a little sensitivity. It will vary across different people!

Harley Teeth Whitening – The clinic was immaculately clean (as expected), classy decor (which I loved) with friendly and professional staff who were so welcoming and gentle. The staff did provide a personal tailored service with utmost care to ensure you were satisfied with your results. Conveniently, Harley Teeth Whitening have also followed up on an after care treatment at a reduced rate after 3months of treatment.

For any questions, I advise you directly contacting the clinic you’re planning on going, or enquire at my one: harleyteethwhitening.

With Love,

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